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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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candal continues. the ukrainian president warns of the threat of a full-scale invasion from russia, as they are a hit by the worst fighting in three months. and more on the successful attempts to find survivors of
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the capsized cruiseship in china. at coming up for you this hour, and local counselor and his campaign forcing supermarkets to give leftover food to charity, and he is preparing legislation to take it to europe-wide. what will they have to give up to keep the country from plunging off the financial cliff? first, our top stories. first now to the latest twist in the scandal swirling around the football governing body fifa. after striking a plea deal to
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avoid prison, his now longtime friend jack warner who was arrested in cereplast week may follow suit. in a paid advertisement on tv he said he can and will prove financial corruption between fifa and elections in his home country after tobago. -- of trinidad and tobago. >> he is wanted on charges of money laundering and racketeering. he has so far denied bribes, and denied extradition to the united states, but it seems he wants to cooperate.
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>> earlier, and an eight minute political and he said he feared for his life and threatened to reveal information linking fifa to his political opponents. >> the link between fifa and funding. >> on wednesday prosecutors revealed that longtime colleague chuck lazer had to agree to cooperate with the fbi in production for charges. -- in return for reduction in charges. warner was one of 14 people indicted when the scandal
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unfolded last week and he was vice president at fifa until he was forced to step down in 2011 under accusations of bribery. >> eastern part of the country has been hit with the worst fighting in months. new clashes broke out between ukrainian troops and pro-russian separatists. the ukrainian president warned of what he called the threat of a full-scale invasion by russia along the whole joint order. a cease-fire has it in place since february but both sizer accusing the other of trying to torpedo the deal. dog, it does seem that it is a blame game doug:. doug: it is a war of words.
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there have been times when it has been less intense relative to what has come before. followed by times like today with flareups. this as you mentioned is definitely by both sides reckoning the most intense fighting we have seen since we were reported back in february just after the cease-fire came into effect. a strategic rail junction, they wanted to control it. the war of words, there really is a blame game going on. both sides on that level are as far apart in their interpretation as who is responsible as ever. addressing his parliament this morning, telling lawmakers he sees a colossal threat of renewed military large-scale operations by the russian backed separatist very soon. he said specifically he put a number to it. he thinks there are 9000 troops
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on ukrainian territory. it does not matter that the russians call them volunteers. not formally in the army, just who want to go in five alongside their brethren, and you great helped their cause. but the prime minister sees it a real military threat that has to be taken seriously. but you hear exactly the mirror image of the polar opposite from the russian side. the russian prime minister basically pointing fingers at the ukraine saying this is a strategical provocation. they are taking in this moment to escalate the fighting because they know the europeans are about to reconsider whether or not to extend those sanctions on russia. provoke some clashes doing make the europeans have reason to keep those in place. >> let's say the european union
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does decide to prolong those sanctions. what might affect with that have on that happening now? >> it would have a disincentive effect. we have seen vladimir putin, he is the trying to make the science of more diplomacy. he had a meeting outlines at least to try to work out some of their positions you'll each other out in their positions. the sanctions have not helped vladimir putin even if more recently we have seen recovery of the ruvell and a slight recovery in the oil price to the advantage of russians economy. they are trying to playoff against each other, trying to appear more sympathetic. obviously, episodes like this more intense fighting that you can point to on the ground, that
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could promote greater harmony and more of a united front among europeans to heal those rifts among them when it comes to this issue of sanctions and make them more inclined to agree on is extending beyond the expiration date. >> thank you. this news now out of ghana, where an explosion in the capital have left 90 todead. they had gone to this service station to get out of torrential rain, and officials believe the explosion is linked to the torrential downpour. rocket fire claimed by a group sympathetic to the islamic state group.
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there was some damage, but realty is. -- ok's. -- no casualties. there is little hope for more survivors out of the over 400 people who were on board. the vote was filled with elderly tourists on vacation. >> tensions are mounting as family members of those on board the ill-fated river cruise demand answers. frustrated by the lack of information coming from local authorities, around 80 family members broke through a police cordon to reach the site of the accident. >> it is not about what we are doing about my mother is here, my father is still inside. so many people have their relatives in there. right now the government has a complete apathy towards us. we just want to be closer to our
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relatives. >> rescuers continue to hope they may find more survivors. teams have started to cut into the whole of the capsized ship, but they have only found more bodies. >> we are trying to detect their pockets in the -- air pockets in the cabin and trying to cut in those areas. our next step is to check somewhere else if some weather permits. >> the search has been extended to hundred 20 kilometers downstream suggesting many bodies could have been swept for away from where the ship sank. over 420 people were on this boat, this could turn out to be
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china's worst maritime accident in decades. >> an outbroeak of mers is gaining momentum in south korea. the number of cases has risen to 35. 1700 people are in quarantine in their own homes, and 900 schools have been closed. >> schools closed, more than 700 have shut their gates in response to widespread concern over what has become the largest outbreak of mers outside of saudi arabia. >> headquarters for disease countermeasures will now contain an approach to this thread. examination of specimens and consultations with experts are trying to work toward a way to
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control the virus and reassure the korean people. >> across the border, china is taking precautions. 70 two people who came into contact with a south korean man are now in a quarantine in the south of the country. authorities are urging calm. >> the available data shows that it can only spread very close contact me confined space, so people should not be panicking. >> analysis of this strain chosen is genetically similar to the outbreak in saudi arabia. while it was thought it was initially thought it was transmitted to humans via campbells -- camels. >> we have confirmed a third
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person has died since being infected. now to france where a counselor who's the zealous anti-waste campaign led to supermarkets giving their leftover food to charity is prepared to take that to the rest of europe. >> a new bill forces supermarkets to donate edible food rather than throw it away. behind the pioneering move is a french arabian ambassador. the idea first came to him when he was hungry. >> i was studying law, and i would eat around 5:00 p.m. to avoid much and get through dinner. i was living off of 600 euros when i was 20, so it would dream of someone discreetly bringing me a bag of groceries to help me get through. >> now 35, he signed an
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agreement with the supermarket chain, where managers here shied away from donating food because of fear of legal progress. but there was plenty of food. >> we have three big doctors that are filled every morning and people would be shocked to see all that thrown out. it could begin to charity. >> he took the idea online with a major petition and a campaign that convinced lawmakers. >> he working from the ground because he started this and expanded it with his petition. >> the bill to take effect next year as part of the hopes to
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slice national food waste in half by 2025. they throw out about 30 kilos of food per person per year. >> the news headlines this hour. the fifa corruption scandal continues, some saying it even has links to a national election in trinidad and tobago. the ukrainian president warns of a threat of a full-scale invasion from russia as the east is hit the worst fighting in three months. and more unsuccessful attempts to find survivors from the capsized cruise ship in china. more than 400 elderly tourists are missing and feared dead. it is time now to take a look at the business news. your starting with greece. some progress, but they'll no deal. >> moore talks -- more talks due
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to the missing a debt repayment. it has been said that they have the 300 million euros they need to pay the imf, but have not decided whether or not they will do so. he spent four hours with a restructuring plan, trying to create a way forward. officials say another round of talks is a good sign. >> trademark charm and defiance as he assured athens would pay the 300 million euros due to the imf on friday after once again failing to come to an agreement with the eu officials on the budget cuts greece would need to carry out to unlock additional bailout funds.
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the site some scribing -- despite some describeing this is a take it or leave it, they said it was a hopeful tone. >> i am optimistic that from the site of the commission, there is the intention to go on with a realistic point of view. >> struggling to agree on budget surface targets and proposed cuts to the pension system. if he agrees to two months he faces backlash from his party. -- too much, he faces backlash from his party. >> it is a strategy of lifting austerity. remain within the confines of the eurozone.
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>> progress has been made in understanding one another. talks are set to continue. >> let's see how the markets are reacting. they are not least with what is happening in greece. pretty big falls across the european indices today. we are also checking what is happening in athens as well. shares down 2.5%. they do not like uncertainty. >> let's come back to france where they has been some good news on unemployment. >> it dropped in the first time for 10%. this is the international benchmark for measuring on a limit and we also give monthly figures from the labor. they have shown that the people
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at work are at a record high. >> criticism of the french telecoms company that has come from israel. >> israel has called for an apology after the chief executive said they are looking to abandon their business interests in the country. he said he was ready to withdraw the brand from israel. the orange name is used, under license in israel. we will take a look now at more of the day's business headlines. ikea has pledged to spend one billion euros on renewable energy to tackle climate change. it is expected to be in way and paris, -- in wind paris.
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and the u.s. state of nevada has approved what is called the burning man tax. it is on life entertainment, including the famous festival. >> just to rub out it is not often that we get insight into what inspires certain bankers. but there are very interesting ideas coming out of japan. >> specifically from the governor of the central bank of japan. he has revealed the inspiration is peter pan. the moment you forget you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it. they have a positive attitude and conviction. they certainly have improved.
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even central bankers read peter pan. >> thank you for that. it is now time for the press review. we are here to take a look at what the papers have been saying. this fifa is the gift that keeps on giving. revelation from one of the main whistleblowers. >> let's take a look at the new york times. they take a closer look at these new revelations. essentially they got their hands on a testimony published by the u.s. state department of justice and in 2013 chuck blazer he admitted he had taken bribes from bidders seeking the world cup. it details how he went from a
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fee for except you have -- fifa executive to an fbi informant. he took bribes for the 1998 and 2010 world cups. what did he tell the judge? rin others on the executive committee accepted these bribes with the selection of south africa as the nation for the 2010 world cup. he also said he facilitated a bribe in the awarding of the 1998 world cup to france. it is not clear whether it is morocco or friends that made the payment. more bad news for sepp blatter. you can see the effects of the corrupted candle -- scandal in this cartoon. >> their controversial plan for
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2020. >> many people are calling for a revote. amerco was actually the runner up to host the 2022 world cup. and according to sources that were asked by the daily beast they could be the immediate favorite if it is ever discovered that qatar did brian fifa -- bribe fifa. it could have very far-reaching consequences that go beyond foot all. to quote one of the specialists they say they're plenty of people in the middle east that are very proud that qatar is going to have it. if it is taken away from them and give it to the united days this could be very bad faith --
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a very bad thing. friends of qatar have a very special relationship when it comes to business ties. given the recent scandal and allegations that qatar is financing jihadist groups, is they are friends are in our vote -- or our foe? an interesting report that reveals an interesting detail. sources close to the investigation say that american authorities uncovered these allegations when they when the were monitoring the guitar jihadist group financing. >> turkey gearing up for its general election. the president is on the campaign trail. >> everyone has been holding one rally a day in the past few
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weeks. she is lashing out against his critics. the accused prominent news of trying to weaken the country. he is on an all-out attack, but the problem is there are too many names on his hit list. the article goes on to say if he has such a long list of enemies
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